Technology Scouting

Technology Scouting: We need something, where do we find it?

Is your company interested in developing a new product but lacks the technology needed to complete it? Do you have product or process problems that could be made easier with the right technology solution? Would you like to find out if these technology solutions exist, but don’t know where to look?

A service to search outside normal channels to find existing solutions for an unmet technology need.

Technology Scouting is a service that uses a systematic approach to help manufacturing clients find existing technology solutions for their unmet company needs. Technology Scouting helps small and mid-sized manufacturers identify solutions in industries outside of their normal view—bringing a broader perspective, additional resources, and unexpected solutions.

Companies need Tech Scouting when they need technology to enable new product development OR have a product or process issue. 


Tech Scouting

  • Does NOT create new product ideas, engineer a solution, or provide market analysis
  • DOES help companies find existing technical solutions to 1) make new products work 2) solve product or process problems


Unlike traditional, “push-” based technology transfer, “pull-” based Technology Scouting goes beyond normal channels to provide a far-reaching perspective of existing solutions to solve technology problems.

Using a proven methodology, Technology Scouting:

  • Searches proactively for solutions using specific criteria that are tailored to your company’s unique needs

  • Focuses on the ability to find non-obvious solutions to difficult technology problems facing small and mid-sized manufacturers

  • Brings new insight and awareness from outside core industries and experts in related fields

  • Explores areas not easily accessed directly, including government laboratories, universities and private sector sources


With this rigorous, systematic approach, Technology Scouting taps into existing, but unknown, sources of information to find solutions that can save your company time, money, and frustration.


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