Supplier Scouting

Supplier Scouting connects U.S. manufacturers with the supply chain needs of various OEMs/Tier 1s and government agencies. Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and government agencies often struggle to find suppliers that meet specific criteria. Supplier Scouting effectively identifies domestic manufacturers that meet specifications and connects them with the supply chains of large companies and government agencies.

Supplier Scouting can be applied on a national, regional, and local scale. As part of The MEP National Network, UT CIS has extensive connections to individual manufacturers and a deep knowledge of their capabilities. Through the scouting approach, UT CIS identifies U.S. manufacturers:

  • With specific technical capabilities and production capacities that match particular supply chain needs;
  • Who are interested in the business of capitalization on opportunities; 
  • Who can make specific products or have specific process capabilities; and
  • Have specific demographic attributes.

For government, Supplier Scouting facilitates the interaction between federal agencies and U.S. manufacturers to help agencies comply with Buy America and Buy American provisions, which specify domestic content for procurements.

UT CIS can support your vendor, materials or technical search by identifying:

  • Technical and process capabilities
  • Production capacities
  • Ability to make products
  • Manufacturers to pivot production to critical supplies


Supplier Scouting Process

  1. Use the form below to complete an item description synopsis, with all details requested. 
  2. Your form will be reviewed for completeness and submitted into the MEP National Network to be disseminated nationwide.
  3. As companies respond to your Supplier Scouting Opportunity, UT CIS will coordinate your review and follow-up.
  4. If you encounter any issues with submitting this information, please contact Danny Norman for assistance.
Item Opportunity Synopsis 
Describe the Item
Provide the Item Number (if applicable) 
Provide Dimensions / Size / Tolerance of the Item
List Required Materials / Components of Materials Needed to Make the Product
Describe the Manufacturing Processes
Provide any applicable electronic or computer specifications
Potential Business Volume Estimate
Target Price / Unit Cost Information
When is it needed by?
Describe Packaging Requirements
Where is This Opportunity Located?
How long would you like this opportunity to remain open to the National Network?
Is there any other information that you would like to include?
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