Competitiveness Review


Could your business benefit from an outside set of eyes looking at what you do? Let us help you identify opportunities to improve or gaps in your systems through a Competitiveness Review (CR). The CR will identify constraints and limiting factors that are holding your business back. 

What is the Competitiveness Review? 

  • A confidential, holistic, unbiased, complementary business assessment 
  • A 30,000 foot picture of your business 
  • A diagnostic tool used before any ‘prescriptions’ are written 

 What are the three main elements of the CR? 

  • A secure on-line self-assessment 
  • An one-day (or less), on-site visit by two or more of UT-CIS’s consultants 
  • An on-site review of the CR report 

During the onsite review of the report, you’ll get a hardcopy CR final report with graphic representation of how your company responses stack up with the hundreds of other companies who’ve completed the assessment. The report will provide a detailed list of priority opportunities for improvement for your organization. 

There is absolutely no obligation for further work with UT-CIS after completion of the CR.