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Six Sigma Champion Training


To familiarize managers and key support personnel with the core concepts and critical success factors for achieving breakthrough results via Six Sigma methods, and to develop understanding of their roles and responsibilities in supporting Black Belts and Six Sigma project teams

Participants Learn:

  • What to expect of Six Sigma Black Belts and the support they will need for success
  • Roles and responsibilities of managers and other key support staff related to Six Sigma
  • What makes a good Six Sigma project and how project results are measured
  • How to provide appropriate leadership and support to ensure successful implementation of Six Sigma

​Why this training is important:

Developing a culture of continuous improvement using  Six Sigma methods requires active, involved leadership at all levels. Managers and key support staff must understand the methods and tools of  Six Sigma so they can reinforce the use of these tools in their areas of responsibility and provide support to Black Belts and project teams.

Managers who attend this training will be expected to begin using some of the more basic Six Sigma tools and methods to solve problems in their day-to-day activities. This will accelerate the cultural transformation by modeling the application of tools and use of the language. The needed leadership and culture change cannot be expected to occur through highly trained Black Belts alone.