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Six Sigma Executive Overview Training


To familiarize key organizational leaders, with the core concepts and critical success factors for achieving breakthrough results via Six Sigma methods, and to develop a Six Sigma implementation strategy tailored to their work culture and business situation

Participants Learn:
  • How to select appropriate Black Belt Six Sigma projects and how to write a good project charter
  • What to expect of Six Sigma Black Belts and how to select the right people for this role
  • The role of the Champion, including specific questions and actions for Champions at each phase of a Six Sigma project
  • Recommended management roles, reporting relationships, timeframes, staffing requirements, training requirements,  and other considerations for putting together a successful Six Sigma implementation strategy
  • How to provide the leadership, support and change management methods required for obtaining breakthrough results from Six Sigma
​Why this training is important:

Developing a culture of continuous improvement using Six Sigma methods requires active, ongoing leadership. This begins with the key leaders having a clear understanding of what  Six Sigma involves, and the leaders’ roles in bringing about this culture change. Leaders of the organization must understand the methods and tools of Six Sigma and then develop an implementation strategy that they can support with their personal time and resources. Champion training provides an overview of Six Sigma principles and methods. It clarifies the expectations of Black Belts and the critical support relationship with Champions and Executives.  ​