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Six Sigma Yellow Belt Training
A Two-Day Workshop

To provide practical, hands-on exposure to basic Lean/Six Sigma terminology and tools, and to learn through experience how Black Belts.can provide highly valuable project support.  The target attendee for this training is anyone who did not receive more in-depth Lean/Six Sigma training through either Lean/Six Sigma Champion or Manager training

Participants Learn:
  • The basic principles of Lean/Six Sigma, and the key ideas behind Lean and Six Sigma
  • How to apply seven basic Lean/Six Sigma tools, and the dramatic impact these tools can have when used together to improve process performance
  • How to work on technical improvement collaboratively in a small identify at least one specific Lean/Six Sigma follow up opportunity in their work area
  • A working definition of the responsibilities of Black Belts, Champions, Process Owners, and Team Members in the implementation of Lean/Six Sigma
​Why this training is important:
Developing a culture of continuous improvement using Lean/Six Sigma methods requires the participation of everyone in the organization. While Black Belts, Champions, and Process Owners will be the most involved time-wise, all employees have a part to play in successful implementation. Lean/Six Sigma Awareness Training provides knowledge of the principles, methods and tools to speed the learning process and build organizational commitment.  It ensures that everyone has been exposed to the language of Lean/Six Sigma and creates the expectation that everyone will be involved, whether by recommending suitable improvement projects, applying Lean/Six Sigma methods to his/her own work area, participating on an improvement team, or leading an improvement project.