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Energy Solutions

The UT Center for Industrial Services helps companies measure and verify energy use and creates a plan to address the waste. From rate reduction analysis to thermal imaging, CIS provides an unbiased solution that quantifies economic payback. CIS also can help with energy assessment and implementation activities for both energy efficiency and alternative energy solutions.

The direct cost of your product is influenced by the cost of energy used to produce the product. Energy wastes can be identified, measured, and corrected by focusing on those areas that can be controlled. Our experienced energy management staff can help identify, quantify, and verify your true costs of energy in each piece of equipment in your plant, where your energy wasters are, and what to do to reduce these wastes. Areas quantified in a site specific energy plan for your facility include:

  • Rates and options (gas, electric, water, other fuels)
  • Lighting (type and illumination levels)
  • HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning)
  • Controls (energy management systems and process)
  • Air compressors (efficiency, leaks, etc.)
  • Motors, fans, pumps—energy efficient analysis
  • Steam systems and process heating
  • Waste stream disposal and alternatives

Economics and implementation strategies will be provided.
Project management of energy improvements is available.