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Kaizen Facilitator

Kaizen events are the vehicle to implementing Lean tools and concepts. Kaizen events are well-scoped, focused improvement efforts that utilize a team-based approach to eliminating wastes. This course is designed to teach a standard Kaizen process that can be used for implementing any Lean tool, such as quick changeover, 5S, cellular/layout, and TPM.

Objectives and topics include:

  • Overview of Kaizen
  • Preparation for a Kaizen event
  • Standard process for a 3- to 5-day Kaizen event
  • Forms, templates and tools for quickly collecting and analyzing data
  • Preparation of a final report for management
  • Estimate of the impact of the event.

The Kaizen Facilitator Training and a 3 or 5 day Kaizen Process Improvement Event (helping your team apply the training to improve your processes) can be delivered on-site by the UT CIS Lean Team. Contact your local Solutions Consultant today to schedule.