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Value Stream Mapping

Value stream mapping focuses your improvement efforts and pinpoints problem solutions that will give you the most value for your money, time, and energy. Value stream mapping lets you create a material and information flow map of a product family. A typical value stream includes customer orders entering the production control schedule, raw materials entering the facility, manufacturing processes, and finished goods leaving the shipping dock.

Does information and material flow in the most logical and cost effective manner at your company? A “current state” map will show you where time and money are being wasted—excessive inventory, processes delayed due to lack of information, or unnecessary downtime for production equipment. A “future state” map identifies the desirable flow and helps you determine how to get there. In this event, you will learn how to create these maps, which will guide your efforts to the best and most productive projects.

Value stream mapping training and on-site VSM events can be scheduled by contacting your local Solutions Consultant.