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Tennessee Materials Exchange

The Tennessee Materials Exchange (TME) promotes the beneficial use of material resources, especially those considered to be wastes destined for disposal. It is a free service, operated by The University of Tennessee Center for Industrial Services, that helps Tennessee businesses find markets for industrial by-products, surplus materials and wastes. Material that one company classifies as waste may be raw material to another. The TME lists potentially useful materials, available and wanted, and serves as a matchmaker between those who have materials and those who want them.

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Special Report

2003 On-Site Grinding and Reuse of Scrap Material at New Home Construction Sites Report

In May and June 2003, UT CIS conducted four waste reduction demonstrations for TDEC's Division of Community Assistance. Each demonstration event was hosted by a builder who volunteered his site to visitors who wanted to learn more about reducing the waste from new construction. Grinding of certain wastes and reuse on-site was demonstrated. In addition, visitors received information and discussed the viability and economics of waste reduction and green building techniques. UT CIS has published a comprehensive report on these demonstrations and the related issues of waste reduction in the construction industry. Learn more about the report.

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