Operational Excellence / Continuous Improvement

Making improvements to your business operations, people, and processes every day is essential to success as a manufacturer. UT CIS is a team of business advisors located in every region across the state, committed to helping your company solve problems and make the most of business opportunities. We can help your company establish and achieve your goals to improve and grow competitively.

Our approach is to help your company embrace the daily practice of lean and continuous improvement thinking and learning that positions your team to incrementally overcome the obstacles that you face as you improve toward your vision of operational excellence.  With this approach, we recommend learning and utilizing specific tools and methods to solve the problem at-hand.  These tools and methods used are from Lean Manufacturing, Six Sigma, Training Within Industry, Leadership Fundamentals, Quality Management Systems, TPM, etc.  This approach incorporates rapid cycles of user-learning and coaching to build a customer focused and improvement driven culture in your company.