Quality Management System Gap Assessments

Have you ever taken a trip to a new place never before visited without a map? Probably not. The map provided not only a starting point, but a direction, important connections during the way, and the final destination. Without the map, there is a good chance you would not have arrived at your destination.

The same rings true for a gap analysis for the quality management system. Without an initial starting point and a summary of the discrepancies in the quality management system, there may exist a flaw or several flaws that can affect the effectiveness of the system and ultimately your certification. The gap analysis, once completed, will give you a map of where the system is deficient and provide a basic map of what needs to be addressed.

Focusing efforts and resources for a Quality Management System based on a gap analysis will not only save time but allow the correct application of resources to target areas that need work based on the gap analysis review. The gap analysis provides a plan and springboard for action – a map for any implementation efforts and further development of the quality management system.

In addition to an assessment of the current ISO standard, the gap analysis will consider the effects of additional quality and regulatory compliance that can affect the products and services you manufacture.

To assist companies, UT CIS reviews all available Level 1 & Level 2 documentation (Quality Manual and Procedures) to determine compliance to the requirements of the appropriate standard. In addition, we work with key management and staff of all functional areas to determine the degree to which a Quality Management System has been implemented.

Based on a company’s size, as well as the number and complexity of its processes, a gap analysis can require:

ISO 14001
ISO 9001
AS 9100
TS 16949
ISO 13485
ISO 50001

Environmental Management System
Quality Management System
QMS Aerospace
QMS Automotive
QMS Medical Device
QMS Energy Management

2 day
1.5 – 2 days
2 – 3 days
3 – 6 days
3 – 3.5 days
2 – 3 days


UT CIS' analysis will provide:

  • A written report that compares the current QMS to the requirements of the specified standard
  • An understanding of the gaps between the current system and the standards requirements
  • An analysis of the effort necessary to implement a system compliant with the standard

To schedule your Quality Management System Gap Assessment, contact your local Solutions Consultant today.