Lean Manufacturing Assessment

Before embarking on your Lean journey, it is important to undertake a comprehensive diagnostic assessment of your operations and readiness for continuous improvement. UT CIS’ Lean Assessment tool compares your current manufacturing production facility, operating processes, and systems against best practices of companies of similar sizes and industries, and provides you with a summary of observations and recommended improvements to set you in the right direction for your improvement journey.

The Process

Plant Walkthrough

UT CIS Lean specialists walk the facility to see how products and information flow within the operation. This enables us to identify a product or process family that would be a good candidate for improvement.


We talk with key plant personnel to gauge the level of understanding of Lean concepts and implementation of waste-reduction within the facility. The results help determine the readiness of the team to transition to “Lean thinking”.


Using either a short form or long form assessment, we will methodically assess your operations and processes, share observations, and make recommendations in some or all of the following key areas:

  • Business results
  • Communication
  • Cultural awareness
  • Workplace organization (5S) and Visual systems
  • Standard work
  • Continuous improvement
  • Operational flexibility
  • SMED / Quick changeover
  • Total productive Maintenance (TPM)
  • Pull systems
  • Supply Chain


To schedule a Lean Manufacturing Assessment, contact your local Solutions Consultant today.