Quick Changeover/Setup

Aside from low equipment efficiencies, changeover or set up time, is one of the largest drains on manufacturing capacity and production flexibility.

The key to quick changeover is the term SMED; Single-Minute Exchange of Die. The SMED system is a set of iterative techniques that make it possible to perform equipment setup and changeover operations in fewer than 10 minutes. SMED principles can be used and applied in almost any operation or process.

During the Seven Stages of SMED, each setup element is analyzed to determine if it can be eliminated, moved, simplified, or streamlined.

Quick Changeover


Contact us today, if your company could benefit from:

  • Lower manufacturing cost (faster changeovers mean less equipment downtime)
  • Smaller lot sizes (faster changeovers enable more frequent product changes)
  • Improved responsiveness to customer demand (smaller lot sizes enable more flexible scheduling)
  • Lower inventory levels (smaller lot sizes result in lower inventory levels)
  • Smoother startups (standardized changeover processes improve consistency and quality)