Training Within Industry Job Instruction

Onboard Talent Faster and Keep Skilled Workers Longer!

A thoughtfully-designed workforce development strategy can reduce employee turnover, increase productivity, improve customer service and lower costs.

If any of the following challenges sound familiar, the Training Within Industry Job Instruction (TWI JI) services can help:

  • It’s hard to find and hire good people – and even tougher to retain them
  • It takes too long to train and upskill people (you never have enough time to do it “right”)
  • Some employees are “aging out” and their expertise will be missed as they do
  • You want to enhance and accelerate your people’s development and career growth


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Teaches supervisors how to quickly train employees to do a job correctly, safely and conscientiously. TWI JI trains leaders on how to instruct. Teaching people new tasks is not a skill we are born with; only through practice can we master it. TWI JI uses a 4-step method for training that develops, in the leader, the skill of instructing. TWI JI can have an immediate impact on productivity by quickly capturing and training the team on the one best way of doing a job.

TWI JI has three critical components:

1. 4-Step JI Method of Instruction – Used to conduct the actual training of individuals

2. Job Breakdown – Used to collect the important steps, key points and reasons used in the 4-Step training method

3. Time Table for Training – Used to identify, prioritize and schedule the training necessary for productivity improvement. 

TWI JI training consists of two 4 hour workshop sessions that present and practice the techniques of the 4-step method. The workshop sessions are followed up with 40 hours of on-site coaching to help your team develop the skills needed for successful plant wide implementation. Our TWI consultants will work closely with your team to integrate TWI JI into a pilot area. 


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Benefits of Training Within Industry

The TWI JI system offers great benefits and real impact to manufacturing businesses, including:

  • 50%-90% decrease in time-to-proficiency for new hires
  • 25% reduction in non-value-added work
  • 25%-50% less turnover
  • Higher labor efficiency due to a more flexible workforce
  • Long-term savings that allow for more specialized hiring
  • A well-trained workforce on your specific tasks and processes
  • Documentation of the institutional knowledge or “tricks of the trade” for each critical task
  • Elimination/reduction of quality errors, rework and scrap due to poor or untrained people
  • Flexibility in the workforce to due multiple jobs
  • Confident leaders and trainers 
  • Involvement of experienced team members in developing new employees
  • Training new team members or experienced team members on new jobs can become a self-sustaining process