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ISO 14001:2015

ISO 14001:2015 Courses:
  • Internal Auditor (In-class or ONLINE) - 2 Day
  • New Standard Overview - 1 Day
What is ISO 14001?
The ISO 14001 environmental management standard has existed for many years since 1996 when the first standard was published. It is a mandated requirement in the automotive sector if you are a Tier I supplier and has become a significant barrier for new suppliers interested in working with Tier I suppliers or attempting to become one themselves. The 2015 standard is the latest revision from the International Organization of Standards. Within it are multiple new requirements focused on such things as improved risk management, proactive improvement principles, greater leadership responsibilities, process approaches to auditing, and a significant focus on life-cycle assessments for products being made in the 21st Century global economy.

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ISO 14001:2015 Internal Auditor (In-class or ONLINE)
An interactive workshop designed for individuals assigned to conduct process audits for the new ISO14001 Environmental Management standard.

ONLINE: UT CIS will offer the popular ISO 14001:2015 Internal Auditor class in an interactive online format for all classes scheduled in the Nashville CIS Training Room. This allows people to attend the class while avoiding the time and costs of traveling. Online attendees must register for the online class on the UT CIS website in order to receive connection information.  Although no special software is required to attend online, those wishing to attend online will need to have access to a computer with a built-in camera or an add-on USB camera so that you can fully interact with the instructor.

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Why should I care?
The implementation timeline for those companies already registered to the ISO 14001:2004 standard have a three-year implementation window that started in November, 2015. Typically, registrars conduct a recertification audit for management systems every three years. If your recertification audit comes sooner than November, 2018, you have even less time. You will be required to transition to the new standard at that time.
If you are interested in ISO 14001 integration for your company, one of the requirements is and has always been one or more qualified internal auditors to audit the management system for the purpose of improvement of the system. At the time of registration or new registration, your audit team will be required to conduct process audits for system effectiveness and efficiency and identify opportunities for system improvement – all with a focus of getting better at what you do and how it is accomplished.
This training class is focused on developing that audit capability for your company. 

What’s in it for me?
This class will deliver all the requirements necessary for success in internal auditing for you and your team. It covers in detail:

  • The significant differences between the 2015 and 2004 standards.
  • The standard’s requirements (both new and existing) for conformance to ISO 14001:2015. The training is reinforced with multiple exercises designed to assist the audit trainee in understanding these requirements.
  • A look at auditor best practices with a process based audit focused on a system’s approach to environmental management.
  • A simulated environmental audit at the end of the class to include the principles and techniques taught in the classroom with a non-stressful environment prior to the trainee doing audits on their own. 
  • Closure of the process with a focus on lessons learned by the trainee.
  • A proficiency exam to demonstrate competence in environmental auditing.
  • Finally, each student receives a certificate of completion for the audit course from the University of Tennessee as evidence of training completion.
  • This class is offered to you and your audit team at minimal cost at our training facility here in Nashville, Tennessee. 

What makes your program different from all the others out there?
It is taught by an individual who not only have real world experience with the standard but is also a trained lead auditor who regularly conducts internal audits for environmental management systems. This individual is an engineer with over twenty years of management system experience (both environmental and quality) and has trained hundreds if individuals in the manufacturing sector in the current standards and effective auditing principles that will work in real world applications. This class will also be offered to distance learners as well to save on cost of travel expense for those individuals that prefer distance learning as a means of education. You will be afforded the same exercises as those in attendance in the classroom.

ISO 14001:2015 New Standard Overview - 1 Day

This full-day overview session will dive into the new 2015 standard. Attendees will gain an understanding of the key changes from the previous standard and be better prepared for transition. 

What's in it for me?
This class will cover in detail:
  • The significant differences between the 2015 and 2004 standards
  • The standard’s requirements (both new and existing) for conformance to ISO 14001:2015. The training is reinforced with multiple exercises designed to assist the audit trainee in understanding these requirements
  • Changes have been made in structure, concepts, and terminology
  • Harmonizing with other standards
  • Seamless integration into your operations
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 ​ISO 14001:2015 Standard Overview - 1 Day 

Northeast State, Blountville, TN
November 2, 2017
8am - 4:30pm​
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