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​Welcome to Nissan Supplier Quality Training

Training​ Purpose:

  • Improve management of new product introductions
  • Specify methods and responsibilities for suppliers to:
    • Develop new products
    • Manage all aspects of full volume production
    • Achieve quality, cost and delivery targets
*These trainings are for Nissan Suppliers and Employees only*

P​FMEA​ and Control Plan

What are the purposes of a PFMEA & Control Plan?
Analytical techniques that:
  • Provide Intellectual Knowledge Repository
  • Identifies potential failure modes
  • Evaluates and classifies the potential failure modes
  • Explores cause(s) of the failure mode
  • Be Proactive – “before it happens”
  • Eliminates and controls the ways a process can fail
  • Identifies countermeasures (i.e. action items)
  • Reduces the likelihood of failure (Risk Based)
  • Improves the likelihood of defect free parts


  • Understanding of  AIAG guidelines
  • Understanding of ANPQP requirements
  • Basic understanding of PFMEA/Control Plans is required

This is NOT an introductory level course.

Requirements to Bring to Class:

  • Two copies of a completed PFMEA, Control Plan and associated Inspection Report (for one of your Nissan supplied parts)
  • The process flow charts for the PFMEA/Control Plan
  • Please come prepared with your company Supplier Code, you will need it at check-in.
Testing Requirements for this class:
  • You will be asked to complete a Pre-Work Assessment
  • This will be followed by a Final Exam to receive your certificate

Cost: $250

Upcoming Course: 

November 15, 2017 - Smyrna, TN: Registration not open yet. 

October 10, 2017 – Canton, MS

Nissan Problem Solving & 8D
Training on Nissan Problem Solving process: methods and expectations including ANPQP requirements and three tools for root cause analysis, including Fishbone (Ishikawa); Fault Tree Analysis, and the 5 Why's. Included in this class is a review of your own 8D process for improvement opportunities.

  • Training on Nissan process for Problem Solving Tools
  • ANPQP 8D requirements
  • Review of three core tools used in Nissan root cause analysis (Fishbone (Ishikawa)       Diagrams, Qualitative Fault Tree analysis, and 5 Why’s)
  • Initial approach to solving and attacking a problem
  • Review of Nissan’s 8D and expectations for submittal
  • Audit completed 8D concerns brought to class by students
  • Assess the results of your company’s past efforts in corrective action
  • Identify opportunities for improvement


  • Personal email account
  • Two hard copies of an 8 D
  • Please come prepared with your company Supplier Code​, you will need it at check-in.
This 1.5 day training will take place in either Smyrna, TN; Canton, MS; or Detroit, MI. Please click the Register button to see available dates.

Cost: $375

Upcoming Course:

November 16th & 17th, 2017 - Smyrna, TN: Registration not open yet.  


 October 11th & 12th, 2017 – Canton, MS 



What is Firewall? 

Firewall is Nissan’s World Class process for containment.

In this class, you will learn how to benchmark your containment activities against a World Class process for containment.  Included in this class are the steps to develop, implement and manage a process to continually improve your manufacturing processes and operations.

Firewall is not just a process to prevent the outflow of defective product to your customer but when proactively used, can be a proactive approach to improving your organization.

Activities include: 

  • Defining the step by step needs for developing, implementing, monitoring and closing a Firewall activity
  • Learning where Firewall can be used to gather data and information for new processes or when changes are made to your processes prior to quality issues with your customer
  • Proactively using data from the Firewall process to identify root causes of issues and opportunities for improvement and prevention of issues
  • Determining the capability and effectiveness of your current and  future containment activities


  • Personal email account
  • Two hard copies of a recent 8D
  • Please come prepared with your company Supplier Code​, you will need it at check-in.​

Cost: $250

Upcoming Course:

 October 24, 2017 - Smyrna, TN:  (Invitation Only). 


 October 25, 2017 - Smyrna, TN:  (Invitation Only). 


The UT Center for Industrial Services partners with ITESM!


UT CIS is excited to announce our partnership with ITESM in Mexico to provide Nissan Supplier Development Training starting in October!

Since its foundation, Tecnológico de Monterrey has lived a continuous innovation process to respond to the educational demands that emerge from social, economical, scientific, labor and technological changes.

En el Tecnológico de Monterrey desarrollamos tu potencial profesional y humano porque te ofrecemos el nivel académico, los recursos y los programas académicos de excelencia.


For more information about the partnership, please contact: 


Kimberly Davis-McGill

Nissan North America ANPQP Supplier Training Coordinator

Tecnológico de Monterrey

Campus Aguascalientes, Mexico

US Tel. 1 (615) 751-0085

MX Tel. +52 (449) 9100-900 Ext 5777​


Other ways to receive quality training and assistance from the University of Tennessee Center for Industrial Services:
  • Workshops Training with Follow-up Plan and Monitoring (2-3 Days)
    This training will be delivered at a specific supplier’s facility typically for employees of that particular supplier.


​ ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​