2023 Middle Tennessee Wage & Benefit Survey

During the first quarter of 2023, the fourth bi-annual Middle Tennessee Wage and Benefit survey will be available for company HR staff to complete.

Administered by MTSU’s Business and Economic Research Center, this survey is geared towards industrial and manufacturing jobs and participants are provided the information gathered from it, free of charge, and in complete confidentiality.

In January companies will receive information to help them prepare for the actual survey which will be available for participants in February and March. Initial reports are expected from MTSU’s team at the BERC in mid-to-late May.

To confirm or make changes to your company contact, please email mtida@mtida.org. Once changes are made, MTIDA will provide local partners with an updated industry directory for review and further edits.

If you have questions or interest in the survey, please contact:
Kendrick J. Curtis, PhD
Assistant Executive Director, MTIDA