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Connex Tennessee

Launching in June 2022. CONNEX™ Tennessee is a cloud-based platform allowing manufacturers to visualize supply chain risk, search for qualified suppliers, and discover new business opportunities.  Click "Discover More" below. 

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The University of Tennessee Center for Industrial Services provides consulting solutions to help companies improve and grow. The UT CIS philosophy is to assess the company needs and provide only services that are value added. We utilize the most experienced consultants and most recent technologies. Resources with industry experience and University professors are available through the coordination of CIS Solutions Consultants as needed.

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Smooth Sailing: ISE Team Helps Allison Boats Navigate Changing Supply Chain

Senior design projects pair students with a company that has come to the department with a demonstrated need, giving the students real-world engineering experience and the company a solution to its issues.  This year, one such…

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Continuing Education and Professional Development with UT CIS

By Bill Hicks, Region 7 Solutions Consultant It’s hard to know where our professional careers may take us.  On several occasions during my thirty-plus year career, I’ve found myself responsible for something that I only vaguely…

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Match Culture with Technology

Reducing reactive maintenance by eliminating repeat asset/component errors is best done through a robust continuous improvement process driven by an engaged workforce performing predictive/condition-based maintenance. …

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Fictiv's 2022 State of Manufacturing Report

Fictiv's 2022 State of Manufacturing Report Finds an Industry Focused on Organizational Transformation in Order to Shore Up Future Growth Earlier this summer, Fictiv, the leader in on-demand, high-quality digital manufacturing,…

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Capstone Design Project: FAQs

By Bill Hicks, Region 7 Solutions Consultant Thanks to everyone who has already reached out regarding a Capstone Design Project for this academic year which begins on August 24.  After my last article, I’ve reviewed and accepted…

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How Small Manufacturers Can Develop Risk Management Strategies for their Supply Chains

Many manufacturers are pursuing domestic sourcing for materials and supplies as a way to overcome supply chain disruptions. In many ways the disruptions show how small manufacturers are more critical than ever. Many big companies…

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