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Connex Tennessee

Launching in June 2022. CONNEX™ Tennessee is a cloud-based platform allowing manufacturers to visualize supply chain risk, search for qualified suppliers, and discover new business opportunities.  Click "Discover More" below. 

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The University of Tennessee Center for Industrial Services provides consulting solutions to help companies improve and grow. The UT CIS philosophy is to assess the company needs and provide only services that are value added. We utilize the most experienced consultants and most recent technologies. Resources with industry experience and University professors are available through the coordination of CIS Solutions Consultants as needed.

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ISO-50001-2018: The Energy Management System Standard

As manufacturing moves quickly in the 21st century, companies are seeing the advent of quality (ISO 9000 series) and environmental management system (ISO 14000 series) standards become a real and lasting part of an organization’s…

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Compressed Air Systems: Costs and Strategies

Consider your plant’s compressed air system for a moment. Most people think of it as an essential part of plant operations doing all sorts of work like supplies to air wrenches, opening and closing valves, operation of machinery…

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Energy Efficiency and Environmental Management Webinar Survey

The Energy Efficiency and Environmental Management team at the UT Center for Industrial Services would like to host a webinar for Tennessee's manufacturers about energy and environmental topics. We have developed a short survey…

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ISO 45001: A Pathway to Improve Resiliency

Resilience is defined as “the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties.” One way your facility can have the capacity to recover is to be prepared. ISO 45001, the international standard for Occupational Health and Safety…

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IndustryWeek Seeking Manufacturer's Input on Fifth Annual Technology Survey

The evolution of manufacturing continues. IIoT devices and data analytics allow manufacturers to track their supply chains and simulate the effects of change, possibly supporting reshoring initiatives. Robots and cobots replace…

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CONNEX™ Tennessee To Launch in June 2022

Launching in June, CONNEX™ Tennessee is a powerful online manufacturer-supplier database and connectivity platform provided as a no-cost resource for Tennessee manufacturers and suppliers. The platform will combine Tennessee…

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