American Snuff, LLC

American Snuff, LLC headquartered in Memphis, TN truly espouses a culture of excellence.  They strive to be the best in class in all that they do.  They have achieved the State of Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation’s highest award for sustainable business practices, the Green Star Partnership Three Star Certification.  American Snuff continues to search for opportunities for the safety and health of employees and environmental stewardship in the community.

American Snuff engaged the University of Tennessee Center for Industrial Services (UT CIS) to assess opportunities to reduce potential injuries through improved ergonomics in the workplace.  Studies were conducted at the two manufacturing facilities located in Tennessee with additional studies conducted in 2015 and more planned for 2016.

Working with Management, Supervision, and employees the UT CIS expert ergonomics consultant recommended solutions for reducing risk and increasing natural posture which included engineering changes, equipment changes, and a focus on operator technique and training.  Quick fix, medium term, and long term solutions were recommended along with a prioritization matrix.  Over the past year 22 job descriptions were evaluated and 153 recommendations for improvement were provided.

14 different job descriptions have been impacted by these ergonomic improvements.  Implementation has resulted in improved employee morale, and strengthened the safety culture through employee participation and ownership.  Other benefits include reduced cycle time and increased productivity.

CIS has assisted American Snuff in providing E3 projects, 5S training and implementation support, connecting the company with other environmental best in class companies and support organizations.