Dunlap Industries

Celebrates 50 years and Awards UT a Golden Zipper

Dunlap Industries, Inc., an American owned manufacturer and distributor of zippers, thread, hook and loop and related textile trim items , celebrated 50 years at an event last month. Dunlap Industries was created from the idea of the University of Tennessee in 1966 and after TVA became aware of the idea and partnered with UT to test its potential, Dunlap Industries was created. 

Dunlap Industries is proud to be a successful industry leader and owes this success in large part to hard work, dedicated employees and investors, along with many customers. Due to Dunlap Industries’ strong history within the Sequatchie Valley, their milestone was celebrated by the many entities that came together to form Dunlap Industries in 1966. 

Dunlap Industries is "thankful for all of the people who came to celebrate this exciting milestone. The partnerships with many of the organizations that support Dunlap Industries continues today and we are looking forward to another 50 years within the Dunlap community by carrying out our mission to offer something that is special and unique, by being the best service and value provider in the industry," said a Dunlap representative. 

During the celebration, the Golden Zipper Award was presented to the University of Tennessee (UT Industrial & Systems Engineering College of Engineering and UT CIS) and TVA as they were the founding partners of Dunlap Industries Inc. Other partners that were thanked included: Mountain Valley Bank, SunTrust Bank, BrightBridge Inc, Mauldin & Jenkins, American Insurance Managers, Benefit Controls company, and many others that have supported Dunlap in its success. Dunlap Industries also appreciates support from Community Elected Officials Mayor D. Keith Cartwright of Sequatchie County and Mayor Dwain Land of the City of Dunlap.

For more information about Dunlap Industries or the event, please contact George Aslinger, Southeast Tennessee Solutions Consultant at George.Aslinger@tennessee.edu