Dynametal Technologies

Background: Solutions Consultant Keith Groves worked with Dynametal Technologies in Brownsville, TN on a Lean Process Improvement project in 2020.

I am the Production Manager over three of the departments that were analyzed or evaluated during the training process.

Two of the departments that I manage supply production parts to the third department, which is the final production process before the products are shipped to the customer.

I noticed an immediate improvement from the first two departments as a result of the training. Not only did the departments housekeeping and the organization of the departments improve but the material flow to and from the departments improved as well. Which in the end resulted in parts getting to the final production process in a timely manner and   with a more consistent material flow.

The final production process in the third department not only showed signs of a better organized department but also a higher hourly and daily production output. In some cases, we were able to improve our production rate by as much as 25%.

There were things in the department that had not had as much attention given to them due to the day to day operation. Some of that new information was brought to my attention simply since the LEAN team consist of several members that were from other departments and were able point out some things in the department that I had not noticed. Other factors included more emphasis on the 5S system and TPM of the department.

One of the most important things that we were able to implement is that each team member must take ownership of his or her job duties and contribute to the idea of Continuous Improvements are good for everyone involved to ensure the success of the company.

I would highly recommend the LEAN training to anyone that is serious about improving the workplace and the overall conditions of their company.

- David Ferrell