England Furniture

The Leadership Training program led by Rick Durham was a very worthwhile exercise for our management team and has proven impactful in the day-to-day operations at our manufacturing facilities. Below are some thoughts regarding the program. 

Rick Durham was very knowledgeable about the topics he taught and the materials he used in this course. He provided plenty of illustrations and scenarios to help explain the concepts he presented. The format of the class and the interactive discussions and role play received overwhelmingly positive reviews from participants. Our employees who completed this course stated that he made the experience interesting and enjoyable. 

England has a varied workforce demographic which sometimes makes it challenging for our managers to provide constructive feedback, manage complaints, and resolve conflicts. The materials and instruction provided by this program have equipped our personnel with useful tools they can use to better assess situations that arise and handle them calmly and with greater confidence. The consensus among those who took the course is that it helped them refine their management skills; they are better able to communicate, read non-verbal cues, and recognize the underlying causes of conflict rather than simply reacting to it. I would highly recommend this developmental training to all employers who want to strengthen and improve their management team. 

Terry England 
President, England Furniture