Heckethorn Manufacturing

Heckethorn Manufacturing has been serving the Dyersburg community since 1939. HECO specializes in tube forming, solid rod forming, cold heading of both tube and rod, robotic, metal inert gas (MIG) welding and progressive stamping. HECO is equipped to manufacture over 2000 unique products for several industries including the OE automotive and heavy truck industry. Supplied products include exhaust and automotive body hangers, clamps, stamped components, mass dampeners, etc.


Heckethorn Manufacturing selected The University of Tennessee Center for Industrial Services to assist them in their existing strategy and efforts to build upon their current continuous improvement strategies with their goal of remaining competitive in today’s global market.


Heckethorn understood the importance of promoting continuing improvement on all levels of the organization by making a sound decision to invest into their number one resource – their employees. Heckethorn selected The University of Tennessee Center for Industrial Services to provide training in continuing improvement and implementation practices for the entire plant over the course of several weeks.


The training was designed/tailored to provide team leaders the opportunity to practice/implement the classroom materials on the shop floor, which also provided an opportunity to train-the-trainers and sustain the organizational culture going forward.  

Resource:  Mr. Keith Groves, Mrs. Deborah Snow and Dr. Andre Temple