APEX Support and Training Yields More than $900K in Contracts

A West Tennessee wholesale supply company credits the support of the Tennessee APEX Accelerator, formerly Tennessee PTAC, with helping it win multiple government contracts since 2019 – including one for over $900,000 with the Department of Defense.  The company has taken advantage of many of the opportunities APEX Accelerator provides for clients. APEX counselors have guided the company through the process of submitting GSA contracts, marketing to prime contractors, provided help in creating a compelling capability statement and choosing the best NAICS codes. The owners of the company have attended several APEX Accelerator events and through networking at those events has made contacts which have proved to be invaluable in successfully bidding on.

West Tennessee APEX Accelerator Counselor Veronica Clark said, “This organization’s owners demonstrated exceptional commitment and diligence by wholeheartedly embracing the process. They took the initiative to attend a Government Contracting 101 class and familiarized themselves with crucial details such as overhead rates. Witnessing their unwavering dedication, I felt an immense sense of pride. Their steadfast adherence to the process showcased their profound understanding that government contracting is a marathon, not a sprint.”

According to the client: “The support that we’ve received from the Tennessee APEX Accelerator has been instrumental in our success. When we started our company, we took almost every class APEX offered. Those classes were instrumental to helping us establish a solid foundation for doing business in Tennessee. We have been able to leverage those learnings into opportunities that have helped propel our growth.

“APEX’s knowledge, experience and network are an additional resource that can add real value to your company.”

Tennessee APEX Accelerator, formerly Tennessee PTAC, assists businesses in competing successfully in federal, state and local government contracting. The University of Tennessee Center for Industrial Services has provided these services since 1986. This APEX Accelerator is funded in part through a cooperative agreement with the Department of Defense. Tennessee APEX Accelerator services are delivered at no charge. For more information, email APEX@tennessee.edu.  

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