Career Quest: Region's Largest Career Fair

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Would you like to participate in the region’s largest career fair?  CareerQuest-TN is an effort to give eighth through twelfth graders a chance to see what manufacturing is all about.  On April 11-12 we will bring thousands of kids from 10 surrounding counties through the minidome in Johnson City where employers will have hands-on and interactive exhibits.  Employers from the Manufacturing, Construction, Healthcare and IT sectors will be there trying to show the kids all the opportunities available to them.

Speaking of opportunities, I just heard of another young woman promoted to Plant Manager.  That’s four women that I’ve personally met in our area promoted to plant manager or higher, not to mention all the women owners of manufacturing businesses.  As the father of young daughter, it excites me to see women not just moving into STEM careers but also excelling in them. 

If you’d like to help us tell kids about all the great career possibilities manufacturing can offer, come join us.

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