The Caring Workplaces Initiative

The Caring Workplaces, an Initiative of the First Tennessee Development District, was created in 2020 and is funded by a grant through the U.S. Department of Labor. The mission of the Caring Workplaces is to build an ecosystem of recovery friendly employers in the eight counties of Northeast Tennessee.

The Caring Workplaces offers employers solutions to the labor shortage, by granting them access to our non traditional pipeline of supported and work ready individuals from the recovery and or justice involved communities. Partners include Ballad Health’s certified peer recovery specialists who provide recovery resource and other necessary services to help clients be prepared to successfully re-enter the workforce. In addition, for employers who may not be interested in accessing our pipeline, the Caring Workplaces also provides retention services and resources for employers who otherwise may lose current employees due to issues associated with sub-stance misuse.

An employer who participates in the Caring Workplaces goes through a brief certification pro-cess whereby they become better equipped at dealing with issues of substance misuse and learn how to create a caring and supportive culture, free of stigma with a focus on the overall well being and retention of their employees. Currently there are 26 Caring Workplace Employers and approximately 118 Individuals who have been gainfully employed through this Initiative.

If you are an employer who is interested in learning more details and how the Caring Workplaces can help you, please consider meeting with a representative of the Caring Workplaces staff. You can learn more about us on our website at or contact us at (423) 979-2589.

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