Chatt Creative: Engaging with TN APEX Accelerator Yields Immediate Results for East Tennessee Firm

Chatt Creative


Braden Knapp, Vice President of Chatt Creative, a full-service communications company located in Chattanooga, Tennessee recently attended an APEX Accelerator-sponsored government contracting training and opportunities seminar in Chattanooga.

As a result of seeing the business growth possibilities in the governmental marketplace, Chatt Creative engaged the free services of the Tennessee APEX Accelerator and began working in earnest with East Tennessee Counselor Jutta Bangs.

Jutta worked with Braden to help the company look at strategic marketing and target market selection, as well as the basics of government contracting. She assisted Braden in getting the company registered with the State of TN Edison supplier portal and provided an overview of the State of TN procurement forecast.

Within a month of engaging with APEX Accelerator, Chatt Creative obtained its first government contract with the State of Tennessee.

According to Jutta, “Chatt Creative was ready to expand their business in the governmental marketplace. After creating a strategic approach, they followed through with vendor registrations and analysis of procurement forecasts.”

When asked why he would recommend other businesses engage with APEX Accelerator, Braden points to the immediate results Chatt Creative saw after engaging APEX Accelerator’s services.  

Braden said, “Jutta and the Tennessee APEX team have been an invaluable resource in assisting Chatt Creative in gaining a comprehensive understanding of government contracts and procurement. With their guidance, we have obtained our first statewide contract, and we are optimistic about securing numerous more contracts in the future. Their support has been greatly appreciated.”

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