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University of Tennessee

Selling to the Government

Procurement Technical Assistance Center (PTAC) Program

The Procurement Technical Assistance Center assists businesses to compete successfully in federal, state and local
government contracting.  The University of Tennessee Center for Industrial Services has provided these services since 1986. PTAC is funded, in part, by the U.S. Department of Defense and is administered through a cooperative agreement with the Defense Logistics Agency. UT PTAC services are delivered to you at no charge.

Begining in calendar year (CY) 2000, our PTAC counselors have worked with more than 500 companies in Tennessee annually.  Overall, since CY 2000, UT CIS PTAC counselors have assisted in more than 6,845 contract awards which have generated more than $5.8 billion in contract dollars, resulting in more than 114,400 jobs created or retained.  

Last calendar year, 2013, our PTAC counselors assisted 579 companies in Tennessee, generating more than $303 million in contract dollars, which led to more than 6,100 jobs created or retained.​

Our Provided Services
Step 1: New Client Registration
Step 2: Registering in Federal Databases
Step 3: Selling to State Government

For Questions, contact your local PTAC Counselor

Helpful Hints
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Rules, Regulations, and Forms
Specialized Procurement Topics