CONNEX™ TENNESSEE Promo Code: Upgrade by Aug. 31!


CONNEX™ TENNESSEE is a service that provides companies the ability to search other Tennessee companies to find a potential supplier.  This is especially useful when companies are looking for local alternate suppliers, because there are experiencing problems getting the materials they need to run their factory from their existing suppliers.  There are many stories in the news about the reshoring initiatives by US based companies to address this problem.

There is typically an annual fee for companies to expand their supplier search to other states beyond Tennessee.  However, we have a current promotion that allows companies national search access “free forever” if they sign-up for CONNEX™ TENNESSEE by August 31, and upgrade to national access using the code: CMFFTN

Here's how you can sign up using the code:


Please contact Kevin Cooper if you have any questions. 

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