Deloitte: Manufacturing’s Future Depends on Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

According to the experts at Deloitte, manufacturer adoption of a purposeful Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (or “DEI”) initiative is quickly becoming a differentiator not only in the heightening competition for labor – but in the company’s long-term financial viability as well.

In their recent “Beyond Reskilling” report, the firm highlights that companies that embrace ethnic, religious, cultural, and personal diversity and articulate that acceptance with formal DEI policies and practices experience higher levels of productivity, profitability and employee satisfaction when compared to peer companies that have not yet responded to diversity gaps in the workplace.

Of the manufacturers they studied, 63% linked a robust and sincere DEI effort to an enhanced ability to attract and retain qualified talent. The report also provides a general guidance for beginning your company’s DEI journey. View the report HERE.

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