Performance Consulting Courses and Assessments

How does your team collaborate? UT CIS can help you understand the strengths of your team members and identify opportunities for growth. You can register for an existing course or we can provide the training to your team at your facility. 

Breakthrough Planning Tools

4 to 8 hour course or practical application

Learn to use a set of tools, Hoshin Planning Tools, which facilitate problem solving, and when used for planning will ensure alignment with major strategies and goals. Through a series of structured activities, participants will be able to plan strategic activities which will provide the best return for the resources invested.

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Delivering Exceptional Customer Service

Excellent customer service is so much more than "smile training" or implementing useful technology. It is understanding what is important to your customer and designing service to exceed those expectations. Successful service delivery is an outcome of systems thinking and no one does it better than Disney. With a stronger understanding of customer needs and defined service standards, service professionals will feel more comfortable delivering excellent service with the right tools and clear service expectations. Happy employees create happy customers and the entire organization benefits.

Please note that credits earned in completing this course can be applied as Tennessee Certified Economic Developer elective credit.

Myers Briggs – Understanding Your Personality Type Using the MBTI Step II Assessment

Understand your personality type, learn about other personality types, and develop strategies to improve communication. Step II brings a deeper understanding and more complete description of an individual’s MBTI type. Knowing your own preferences as well as your teammates can improve teamwork and compatibility.

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Enhancing Emotional Intelligence through Myers Briggs Type

Learn how MBTI type influences people’s perceptions of and response to emotions and develop strategies for enhancing their emotional intelligence using the MBTI framework. Prerequisite - MBTI basic course or have taken the MBTI assessment.

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Using the FIRO-B Assessment to Improve Teamwork

Learn about your own needs in the workplace, how teammates and others make behavioral choices, how social needs affect the group’s ability to work together, and how the team can be more effective.


Storytelling and engagement go hand in hand. Focus on the benefits of using story to create a compelling business narrative and inspire others to follow your lead. Learn important storytelling tools and use a template to help you think through the development of your organizational or personal story.

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California Psychological Inventory (CPI)

260 Inventory, assessment and two 1-hour individual feedback sessions. Most useful with current or potential Executives, Managers, and C-level teams interested in improving their performance. Enables participants to identify their strengths and blind spots and capitalize on their strengths, target areas for development, and plan action steps to increase leadership effectiveness.

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