Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) Supervisor Skills Training

If you are a new EHS supervisor or recently been reassigned to supervise your company’s EHS programs, the University of Tennessee Center for Industrial Services (UT CIS) offers a multi-day training program to help you develop important technical and people skills.  This training program will also help if you want to establish a competency baseline for multiple employees. 

This program is designed to help you:

  • avoid costly mistakes to your company
  • effectively transition to new responsibilities
  • develop important EHS supervisor skills in four essential areas


Supervisor Essentials (Day 1-2)  

Problem Solving, Delegating, Effective Communication, and Conflict Resolution are the four primary areas that our customers tell us are most important for a new EHS supervisor to manage their supervisory responsibilities effectively.  Each area is a 4-hour module led by Roberta Pettis, UT CIS Supervisor and Leadership Trainer.

Environment Management Essentials (Day 3)

Understanding a facility’s environment management requirements are important to an EHS supervisor, even if reporting is another manager’s responsibility.  Lynn Reed, UT CIS trainer, provides overview of facility regulatory requirements, the importance of maintaining an Environment Management System (EMS), and EMS best practices.

Inspection Preparation Essentials (Day 3) 

Federal and State Regulators may have scheduled visits or unannounced audits Inspections at your facility.  Having a plan for these visits and a well-documented records system are important to an EHS supervisors for a successful inspection audit experience. Paul Lynes provides guidance on how to approach and manage an inspection audit.

Safety Essentials (Days 4-5) 

The OSHA 10-Hr training program provides important information and real world examples of safety requirements that a new EHS supervisor needs to help keep workers safe.  Bryan Lane, UT CIS trainer, delivers OSHA training programs to workers and managers to our industry customers statewide. Training participants receive an OSHA 10-hr card.

A 2-Hr Safety Culture presentation is on the afternoon of Day 5.

The Experts

Roberta Pettis UT CIS
Roberta Pettis

Leadership Trainer

Paul Lynes UT CIS
Paul Lynes, P.E.

Environmental Consultant

Lynn Reed UT CIS
Lynn Reed

Environment Trainer, Consultant

Bryan Lane UT CIS
Bryan Lane

Safety Trainer, Consultant

For more information on this training program and others, contact these UT CIS persons who manage industry relationships in your area.