Environmental Management Gap Assessments

An Environmental Management Gap Assessment is similar to QMS Internal Auditing but with a different focus. Generally, internal audits are “process-based” with the intent of auditing a system, a process or area holistically over time, and it is deployed after a QMS has been implemented, operational, and registered.

Internal audits are used to maintain and improve the system over time. A gap assessment is different in that it is used early in a QMS implementation cycle (prior to operational status) and centered on discovery of missing elements required by the management system standard identifying “Requirement GAPS” in the system that must be filled prior to a registration audit.  

A gap assessment can also be used by companies wanting an independent external audit other than their registrar or customer to identify missing or possibly substandard processes in need of improvement.

When you conduct a Environmental Management Gap Assessment with UT CIS, you will get:

  • your company’s baseline on management and reporting
  • a value stream map that identifies types and volumes of hazardous and solid wastes produced at every process step.
  • an outcome that address your companies desired state for all of your management, compliance, and reporting responsibilities.

Contact Keith Ridley at keith.ridley@tennessee.edu to get started on your Environmental Management Gap Assessment today.