EPCRA Tier II Reporting Training Program

Any Tennessee business or industry that stores and processes chemicals that pose a community safety hazard has a legal reporting requirement. To help you determine if you are required to file a Tier II report pursuant to the Emergency Planning Community Right-to-Know Act, you are required to know the answer to three fundamental questions:

  • Does your business store extremely hazardous chemicals on site?
  • Did your business store an OSHA hazardous substance on site?
  • Do these chemicals exceed a maximum inventory amount (which varies based on the chemical and its hazards) in the past year?

You must file an annual Tier II report by March 1 if your workplace contains an extremely hazardous substance in an amount greater than threshold planning quantities or 10,000 pounds, if an OSHA hazardous substance. In the morning session of this workshop industry participants will determine if you must file the report, how to gather and organize the information and how to file accurately due to the TEMA emergency managers and first responders and others.

The afternoon session is for industries to learn more about the importance of the state management planning details and first responders interest in accurate and timely Tier II data.

Upcoming Courses 2019-2020

EPCRA Tier II Training Program/CIEP Workshop
December 5, 2019  |  Knoxville

EPCRA Tier II Training Program/CIEP Workshop
December 11, 2019   |   Jackson

EPCRA Tier II Training Program/CIEP Workshop
January 28, 2020  |  Nashville

Tier II Infographic