Health and Safety Assistance Helps Company Onboard New Processes


Memphis Contract Packaging is an industry leader in full-service manufacturing of personal care products, such as hair and skin care, cosmetics, OTC pharmaceuticals and assembly. MCP is registered with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as an OTC manufacturer. MCP operates four facilities in West Tennessee in compliance with Good Manufacturing Practices. Memphis Contract Packaging specializes in gels, ointments, emulsions, liquids, reactive chemistry, actives, tubes, and assemblies.

The Challenge

The company recognizes the value of maintaining the most current knowledge of occupational safety and health requirements for their team members assigned responsibilities subject to OSHA and DOT regulations and was onboarding a new process which required understanding of handing and management of additional chemicals not previously utilized. The company requested assistance from TN MEP, part of the MEP National Network™, with a safety audit and emergency response training.
"Our site manager and I looked for months for a company who could give our employees the training they needed at a price that wouldn't negatively affect the new and quickly growing company that we are a part of. We were so happy when we were put in contact with the TMEP."  — Lindsay Davis, Environment, Health and Safety Manager

MEP's Role

Partially funded by a CARES Act grant, TMEP Safety consultants completed a 29 CFR 1910.120(e)(3)(i) compliant 24 HR HAZWOPER Emergency Response workshop for ten participants and conducted an OSHA Safety audit. The workshop was customized to emphasize response to ethyl alcohol-based incidents and fire protection and included lecture and hands-on demonstration with participants in “full dress-out" using personal protective equipment.

The safety consultants provided all class related AV materials, student handout materials, disposable PPE pertinent to the workshop and class related training equipment including, but not limited to respiratory protection equipment, chemical protective suits, chemical monitoring equipment, spill absorbents and pads, plugging/patching materials, decontamination equipment, and other training props. Employees trained as 24-hour emergency response technician gained the knowledge, skills, and capabilities to recognize and manage hazards in the workplace as well as the regulations in place which govern occupational health and safety. Employees also earned the OSHA 24-Hour Emergency Responder card.

TMEP safety consultants also completed a sixteen-hour onsite safety audit and provided advisement on improving the company’s current safety program. The audit covered several elements including a review of the current safety program and safety committee, a review of current safety reporting to TOSHA standards, and advisement on how to properly perform safety audits and write process safety instructions.

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