Introducing the Optimized People Development System 


Optimized People Development Systems

Help improve your system that finds, trains, and retains people.

Tennessee manufacturers know the future they want, but the volatile labor market and an unstable workforce threatens that future vision every day.

We feel your frustrations. We are the University of Tennessee Center for Industrial Services (UT CIS) and we’ve been helping organizations across Tennessee with their workforce challenges for 50 years.

Our Optimized People Development System (Optimized PDS) provides customized solutions for your organization to help you strengthen your workforce. Formerly known in Tennessee as Smart Talent Systems, the Optimized PDS promotes a systems-thinking approach that helps organizations assess and improve the key processes they use to find, train, and retain people.

There are many workforce issues that are beyond your control – changing attitudes about work and career, the lack of key skills, shifting cultural norms – and many others. The organization that does not adapt and improve their people development efforts will struggle in this new reality.

The Optimized PDS approach provides customized solutions for your organization to help you strengthen your internal workforce efforts. Helping you focus on the things you can control.

The advantages of optimizing your PDS include:

- Ensuring that training is effective and efficient
- Expanding recruiting options
- Decreasing the time to proficiency for new hires
- Reducing turnover by driving engagement
- Higher labor efficiency due to a more flexible workforce
- Streamlined processes at every step in an employee’s development

Workforce development developing a culture of learning: the optimized people development system

We’ll show you how to optimize your people development system by helping you see the whole system, understand where the improvement opportunities lay, and help you develop a long-term strategy to sustain a system that can help you become a preferred employer. Learn more at

Contact UT CIS Workforce Consultant Tim Waldo at or (865) 974-3185. 



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