Lean Leadership Qualities

Lean Leadership Qualities

by Norma Wilcox, Solutions Consultant

I recently came across an Industry Week article from 2013 which speaks to the importance of developing strong lean leaders. In the article, author and consultant, Lonnie Wilson, offers “Six Qualities of Lean Leadership

  1. Leaders as superior observers: They go to the action -- they call it the “Gemba” -- to observe not only the machines and the products but also to spend significant time with the employees. They also are in contact with their customers.
  2. Leaders as learners: They do not assume they know it all. Rather, they go to the floor to learn. They are in “lifelong” learning mode.
  3. Leaders as initiators: They plan, they articulate and sell their plans, and they act on their plans. They are not risk averse. They are not cavalier.
  4. Leaders as teachers: They are “lifelong” teachers. When something goes wrong, their first thought is not “Who fouled up?” but “Why did if fail?” and “How can I use this as a teaching opportunity?”
  5. Leaders as role models: They walk the talk. There is no substitute for this. NONE.
  6. Leaders as supporters: They recognize they mainly get work done through others, so they have mastered the skills of “servant leadership.”

Read the full article here:  https://www.industryweek.com/continuous-improvement/six-qualities-lean-leadership

In February, UT CIS will offer several classes designed to foster lean leadership: 

Kata (Building a Lean Culture)  |  February 7th  |  This workshop brings to life the practice of the concepts of Toyota Kata.   It includes the Improvement Kata, the daily routine that drives daily improvement; and the Coaching Kata, a daily routine for teaching the Improvement Kata thinking pattern, and reinforcing it, to sustain the continuous improvement. Click HERE for more information.

Lean Introduction to Manufacturing and Office Processes  |  February 12th |  During this introductory course, you will learn a systematic approach to reducing costs and lead times by continually reducing non-value-added activities. Lean tools improve the flow of information and materials that will increase your organization’s productivity, competitiveness, and profitability. In addition to learning how to apply the tools to manufacturing processes, you will learn how to turn your office and support areas into efficient, effective, predictable operations. This one-day workshop is great for anyone new to lean methodologies or as a refresher course. Click HERE for more information.

Problem Solving and 8D  |  February 13th  |  Do your leaders have a systematic approach to problem solving? If you are “problem solving” the same problems repeatedly – your answer is No! A structured approach to tackling a big problem allows leaders and team members to avoid the “just make it go away” tendency, which we know is unlikely to really bring about a solution.

8D Problem Solving is a highly structured and effective scientific approach to solving chronic or recurring problems. Focused on product and process improvement, its purpose is to identify, correct, and eliminate recurring problems. 8D uses root cause analysis tools to establish a permanent corrective action based on problem origin. Click HERE for more information.

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