Made in Tennessee: Haney Family Sawmill

UT CIS is featuring Haney Family Sawmill as the Made in Tennessee Manufacturer of the Week from December 12 - 18, 2022. The following article is published on behalf of the Haney Family Sawmill. To learn more about Made in Tennessee, please visit

What do we do? I get that question weekly, and sometimes I have to smile. Here at the Mill, we as a small part of our operation furnish Hand Split Eastern Red Cedar Rails. If you happen to visit Stones River Battlefield rest your hands on genuine Middle TN product. Grown here, Processed here and sharing the History of our land.

Haney Family Sawmill



Our influence even reaches farther past our state and if you visit George Washington birthplace in Colonial Beach VA. Stop rest your hands on the garden fence and yes, they came from Middle TN. Even better when the new Movie “Savage Land” comes out smile that a local Tennessee Sawmill furnished the split Rail and Pickett fences.

Haney Family Sawmill

But our Company name is “Haney Family Sawmill”? Yes, we saw lumber principally TN native trees for all types of projects. We are proud that we are now certified to even saw your house constructional lumber.

What does this mean. Well until 2014 most counties past a universal codes act that basically meant that if you wanted to build a structure that was under codes mandate you were going to build it with wood NOT FROM TENN.  

In 2016 the state pasted a “Tenn. Native Tree Species Act”. And that mandated that the state extension agency and the University of Tenn. would set up a program where people can be certified to inspect TN wood and that document would take the place of the stamp. I am proud to say that we are one of the few local sawmills that can saw you a complete house pattern from your trees and you can legally use them to build your dream home.