Manufacturing USA 2022 Highlights Report Released

On Monday October 24, The White House convened a Manufacturing USA leadership summit which included directors from all sixteen Manufacturing USA Institutes. 

During the summit, the Manufacturing USA 2022 Highlights Report was released. The report showcases the manufacturing technology and workforce development innovations underway at the Manufacturing USA institutes, which are delivering value for manufacturers and the American public.  

The report showcases the great results that the Manufacturing USA Institutes are achieving. In fiscal year 2021, the institutes:
•    Worked with 2,300 member organizations - 63% are manufacturers and 72% of those are small companies (less than 500 employees)
•    Conducted 708 major research and development projects
•    Engaged more than 90,000 students, workers and teachers in advanced manufacturing workforce development and training
•    Leveraged $127 million in base federal funds to attract $354 million in funds from state, federal and pandemic funds, and private funds

Access the full report to learn more about the Manufacturing USA Institutes. 

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