Midsouth Forestry Services: Working with APEX Gave Company the Confidence to Bid on and Win Contracts.

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Holly Barrow, a partner with Midsouth Forestry Services, found herself wondering how her business could expand into doing business with the government and began doing research. As she searched for information, she discovered that PTAC (now the APEX Accelerator) was positioned to help businesses like hers do exactly that.

Holly started working with Tennessee APEX Accelerator Counselor Veronica Clark in August of 2022. Holly began meeting with Veronica with the goal of being best positioned for success. As part of her counseling, Veronica provided an overview of government contracting, analyzed a solicitation for the company and set Midsouth Forestry Services up on a bid match service. 

Just a few months after establishing a relationship with the APEX Accelerator, Midsouth Forestry was awarded its first government contract with the State of Tennessee. 

Holly says, “The benefit of working with the Tennessee APEX Accelerator was having the confidence to bid and knowing Veronica was helping me throughout the process. Working with Veronica has taught me so much.”

According to Veronica, “Collaborating with Holly was an absolute delight. I admire her patience and willingness to learn throughout the entire process.”

When asked what she would say to other businesses considering engaging with the Tennessee APEX Accelerator, Holly says, “I would highly recommend others engage with APEX because their knowledge and willingness to help is unsurpassable!”

Tennessee APEX Accelerator, formerly PTAC, assists businesses in competing successfully in federal, state and local government contracting. The University of Tennessee Center for Industrial Services has provided these services since 1986. This APEX Accelerator is funded in part through a cooperative agreement with the Department of Defense. Tennessee APEX Accelerator services are delivered at no charge. For more information, email apex@tennessee.edu 

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