A Better Workplace, A Better World

Nashville, TN (July, 2017) - In a recent article about The World's Broken Workplace, Gallup’s World Poll reports that many people across the globe hate their job and especially their boss. This has a significant impact on workforce engagement.  Only 15% percent of employees worldwide are engaged at work. The U.S. fares a little better with 30% of employees reporting they are engaged, while Japan has a miniscule 6% engagement!

Jim Clifton, Gallup Chairman and CEO, concludes that lack of engagement is why global productivity has been in general decline for decades. Management practices have not kept up with a rapidly changing world and workforce expectations.  As Clifton states, this “may not be the manager’s fault so much as these managers have not been prepared to coach the new workforce.” He states that organizations must move from having command and control managers to high-performance coaches.

Think what the impact would be if more managers became high performance coaches and workplace engagement doubled or even tripled. Productivity would increase and we would experience stronger and more consistent economic growth. Our workplaces would thrive and organizational cultures improve as people brought their whole selves to their jobs. Communities and families would benefit from greater economic security and improved quality of life.

At the UT Center for Industrial Services, we believe that companies and communities that foster and grow workforce engagement will lead the world. In collaboration with partners across Tennessee and the U.S., we have developed approaches and tools to develop leaders and supervisors who can help companies attract and keep needed talent, improve employee engagement, and achieve success. 

We hope you will connect with us soon. We would love to discuss our efforts with you and learn about your workforce successes and challenges.  

Paul Jennings
CIS Executive Director