UT Center for Industrial Services awarded MEP program

Nashville, TN (March 4, 2015) - We are proud to announce that the University of Tennessee Center for Industrial Services (UTCIS) has been designated by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) to continue its highly successful Tennessee Manufacturing Extension Partnership (TMEP) program.  The award increases the TMEP budget and expands UTCIS’ outreach and services to manufacturers across the state.

“We put together a proposal that addressed NIST Goals and demonstrated why UTCIS is the best place to house the TMEP program,” Jennings said.  “Throughout this process, we had tremendous participation and support from CIS staff, UT Institute for Public Service, and our many partners throughout Tennessee.   Ultimately, this award gives us even greater capacity to help Tennessee manufacturers grow, succeed and create high quality jobs.”

UTCIS serves over 400 manufacturers annually in all parts of Tennessee, helping companies adopt solutions in performance improvement, innovation, regulatory compliance, sustainability and other areas that are critical to growth and success.   UTCIS efforts produce $600 million in economic impact for Tennessee companies each year.  For more information on the UTCIS award and our services for manufacturers, please contact Adam Foote.  

Written by: Dr. Paul Jennings, Executive Director, UT Center for Industrial Services

UT CIS wins reauthorization of its TMEP, more funding and reduced match by Tom Ballard