Six Candidates Apply for Tennessee Certified Economic Developer Designation

Six Tennessee Certified Economic Development (TCED) Program participants have submitted applications for their Capstone Projects and are eligible to graduate in April of 2021.

The candidates and the working titles of their projects are:

  • Rosemary Bates  |  Gallatin’s Strategic Plan to Recruit Data Centers
  • Helene Singer Cash  |  Developing Medical Expansion Zones
  • Kalee Harryman  |  Consolidating Coffee County’s EDOs       
  • Richard Kirkland  |  Redevelopment of an Industrial Park
  • Jennifer Perryman  |  The Importance of Partnerships:  Creating an Economic Impact with Fishing Tournaments
  • Kimber Sharp  |  Costs vs. Advantages of Loss Leaders

Program participants apply the knowledge gained through TCED course work to address a substantial economic/ community development challenge or opportunity impacting their community or organization. The Capstone Project gives participants the opportunity to contribute to the knowledge base of the profession while also contributing to their community or organization.

TCED Capstone candidates will present their final project to a group of program mentors, advisory board members and TCED staff members.  Pending a successful presentation, candidates will earn the Tennessee Certified Economic Developer (TCEcD) designation.  Currently, 73 practitioners hold the TCEcD designation.

For more information, click on the Capstone section of our website.

Looking to recertify? TCEcD recertification is required every three years, and the requirements focus on continuing education opportunities in economic development.  Visit our website to download recertification guidelines and a worksheet to track your progress. Click HERE to learn more.