Smart Talent Systems October Workshops

2020 certainly has taught us a great deal. We learned that working together we could solve problems and make progress even when things are tough. In the first quarter of this year, when COVID-19 interrupted life, we learned something about the determination of Tennessee manufacturers. We also learned that our workers are resilient and can readily adapt to trying circumstances.

In large companies and small, our people were quick to learn and ready to take on extraordinary challenges. This adaptive, continuously learning and collaborative attitude is a quality we must continue to foster in our workforce, because 2020 changed so much of what we considered normal.  

As we approach the final quarter of this strange and historic year, we recognize this and understand that workplaces will need to become even more flexible; will need to ensure that training their workers is a priority; and will need to engage people in much more dynamic ways. In this new, ever changing environment, the manufacturer with the best-trained, most adaptable people will stand a better chance of succeeding. Those manufacturers will continually work to improve their internal people development systems.

As you prepare for 2021, Smart Talent Systems from the UT Center for Industrial Services can help you create, within your organization, a systems-driven approach to people development that will give you a competitive advantage in a volatile labor market. The upcoming October workshops will provide your team with an overview of systems thinking approach to improve how you attract, train and retain people. Follow this link for more information and to register -

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