Supervisor Skills Training Program for Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) Supervisors


If you are an EHS supervisor that is new on the job or recently been assigned to take on safety or environment responsibilities at your facility, this new 2019 training program will help you. 

We developed this flexible, five-day training program for EHS supervisors based on feedback from our customers to help you:

  • Effectively transition to new EHS responsibilities
  • Develop important supervisor skills
  • Avoid costly mistakes

The training program has four essential areas to help you learn important skills whether you are new to the job, currently responsible for EHS at your facility, work in the manufacturing, or work in any non-manufacturing industry sector where safety and environment management are important. 

Supervisor Essentials (Day 1-2)

Problem solving, delegating, effective communication, and conflict resolution. Our customers tell us these are four important skills a new or recently assigned EHS supervisor needs to be effective.

Environment Management Essentials (Day 3, morning)

Understanding the facility’s environment management requirements are important, even if they are another supervisor’s responsibility. This session focuses on environment management systems and best environment management practices.

Inspection Preparation Essentials (Day 3, afternoon)

Our customers indicate that being prepared for routine and unannounced safety or environment inspections are important. This session will help you develop a good plan for inspection visits.

Safety Essentials (Day 4-5)

The OSHA 10-hr training program provides an EHS manager with important information, real world examples of safety requirements, and the OSHA 10-hr card.  Day 5 also includes a 2-hr afternoon presentation on developing a good Safety Culture at your facility.

If you already have an OSHA 10 hr. card and do not need a refresher, this flexible training program allows you to attend Days 1-3 only.

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