No-Cost ISO 14001 Program Implementation

UT CIS is seeking companies interested in implementing an ISO 14001 program at their facility.

We have limited funds to develop and implement an ISO 14001 program at Tennessee facilities at no cost to the organization. This offer is provided on a first-come-first-serve basis.

ISO 14001 focuses on improving environmental risk management, improving proactive environment management approaches, enhancing leadership responsibilities and competencies, and  improving process approaches for good auditing outcomes.

UT Center for Industrial Services EHS Services

Lean and Green Assessment

UT CIS has experienced teams who apply lean analyses to manufacturing operations and identify potential environmental cost-saving opportunities: reduction in use of toxic and/or hazardous materials, reduction in raw materials, reduction in water use, energy conservation, and reduction of solid and hazardous waste generation. We will provide you with the data and assistance to help you complete the Annual Reporting of Hazardous Waste Activities.

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