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Any business must have a physical location in Tennessee to be eligible for our Tennessee APEX Accelerator services. To receive our services, you must register online.  Registration is free. Your information is kept confidential.

If your business is located outside of Tennessee, click here to find your local APEX Accelerator.

We have established the following criteria so we may continue to provide quality service to our clients:

  1. All client companies must demonstrate that they are prepared to compete for government contracts by showing a minimum of three years of profitability.
  2. All clients are required to answer quarterly surveys in the time requested, even if you have had no activity.
  3. All clients must submit at least one contract proposal within any six month period, (or have an existing contract ) and work with your Tennessee APEX Accelerator Counselor every six months for a minimum of four hours in total to remain an active client. Our primary purpose is to use our limited funds to help those companies that currently have the capacity to compete for government contracts. Click the link below to fill out the new client questionnaire and one of our counselors will contact you.

New Client Questionnaire