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8D & Problem Solving

The 8D Process is a problem solving method for product and process improvement. It is structured into 8 steps (the D’s) and emphasizes team. Although the 8D process is often required in and was initially applied in the automotive and aerospace industries, it’s useful and relevant in any industry.

·   Training on process for Problem Solving Tools

·   ANPQP 8D requirements

·   Review of three core tools used in root cause analysis [Fishbone (Ishikawa)       Diagrams, Qualitative Fault Tree analysis, and 5 Why’s]

·   Initial approach to solving and attacking a problem

·   Review of 8D and expectations for submittal

·   Audit completed 8D concerns brought to class by students

·   Assess the results of your company’s past efforts in corrective action

·   Identify opportunities for improvement​

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